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Do you have to be Irish to join Irish dancing?

No! Anyone can join in the Irish dance fun.


What's the minimum age to start?

While every studio is different we accept students ages 3 and older. 


What benefits will my child gain from dance class?

- Increased motor development, flexibility and coordination

- They'll find fantastic friends in a safe social setting

- Develop self-confidence and self-esteem

- Learn independence

- Increase team building skills and so much more!

Bonus: you'll get to make some friends too ;)


How much do lessons cost?

At our studio we charge an annual registration fee of $70, and our beginner class is as low as $65/month.


Can we try a class before enrolling?

Absolutely! We want to make sure we're a good fit for your family and you're a good fit for ours :)


What should my dancer wear to class?

For our studio we tell dancers to wear something comfortable that they can move in. Once they progress Connick-Reid Spirit wear is a required part of our uniform.


Are there specific shoes?

Once your dancer has progressed along we typically start shoe hunting 2 months into classes. we offer used shoes for resale at out studio or you can order new shoes from


Can boys take class?

Absolutely! Some of our best dancers are our male dancers. 


Are Irish Dance and Riverdance the same thing?

Riverdance is a show/production that features Irish dancers. I wouldn't call an Irish dancer a Riverdancer, as they aren't too keen to be called the wrong name 


How do we sign up?

You can reach us by texting or calling 704-703-2441, emailing or messaging us on our social media!


When does your season start?

We have open enrollment but our fall semester starts August 15th, 2022 and spring semester starts January 15th, 2023.


Why do Irish dancers keep their arms by their side?

While no one is certain one of the more popular theories is that while the British were trying to be rid of the Irish culture and traditions, the Irish had to hide their song and dance. The Irish then had to start dancing behind the hedge rows, stable doors and behind the bar in pubs with their upper body straight and arms tight by their sides, so if spotted by the English soldiers they wouldn't be able to see them dance. 


Is Irish dance a sport?

We like to think so! Ask anyone who has tried and they'll let you know it is some of the best exercise you will get. There have been many professional athletes who have used Irish dance to cross train. Two athletes that come to mind are Conor McGregor (MMA fighter) and Alex Collins (NFL player). 

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